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SSL 证书


SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)证书是为每一个网站,处理敏感信息的必备功能。它提供访问者的浏览器和您的网站之间的信用卡或非常重要的网络钓鱼攻击或未经授权的访问的任何其他数据之间的安全连接的个人保护。通过安全的HTTPS连接发送的所有数据都将让你的客户感到安全,他们深知自己的登录凭据和资料的保密性。在您的网站上显示在全球范围内可识别的挂锁图标和SSL密封,将大大增加您的网站的可信度,降低购物车放弃率。 UNOC 提供了市场上最知名的SSL证书,完全支持现行所有的浏览器和移动设备。

产品特点 256bit Alpha SSL WildCard SSL EV SSL
256-bit 加密
来自其他供应商 $82-$135 $199-$399 up to $1000
UNOC 价格      
SSL 安装 免费(节省 $40) 免费(节省 $40) 免费(节省 $40)
SSL 安装 免费(节省 $25/年) 免费(节省 $25/年) 免费(节省 $25/年)
总计节约 55% Off 62% Off 77% Off
每年总计价格SSL+安装+专属 IP $69/年 $179/年 $599.00


Every serious e-Commerce website nowadays has at least 128bit encryption SSL protection available for their customers. As a matter of fact, it is even considered as "phishy" to leave your check out process unsecured exposing your customers information to possible attacks. With TMDHosting 256bit SSL certificates your customers will feel safe and comfortable purchasing your products.


Having a SSL certificate from one of the most renowned and recognized vendors in the world will clearly indicates that your website represents a well-established business and brand. This is important for all search engines as having your website verified by such trusted authority greatly improve your website credibility and assure your visitors safety.


If your business or website requires sensitive data to be transferred via the web the TMDHosting 256bit SSL certificates are the most affordable and secure solution for your needs. Securing your login form, check out page or any other section of your website on which data is submitted will the sensitive information completely protected from "phishing" and MITM attacks.


The SSL security seal on your website will inform your customers that your website provides security protection for their sensitive information in advance while the security lock will confirm your website identity and verify the encrypted connection. These website features are well-known signs of a trusted website recognized by all Internet users.

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